What is freedom?

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Freedom is knowing you chose (and still choose every day) a life you love. Freedom is being able to back your choices no matter the criticisms. Freedom is seeing others criticisms as their own pain, not yours to carry. Freedom is hearing those criticisms openly anyway. Freedom is loving regardless of the outcome or reciprocation. Freedom is thanking people for however they show up and however they don’t. Freedom is resilience, and resilience is freedom. Freedom is integrity, and integrity is freedom.

…And therefore, getting to a place of freedom takes work. Freedom does not come easily to the human brain. Freedom takes training. Freedom is a practice that takes commitment. Freedom requires reflection into all of the beliefs you have about why freedom itself isn’t possible.

…And then, freedom becomes easy. It becomes a part of your muscle memory. It becomes your natural state. You realize it is your birthright, no matter the circumstance. And it makes all that work worthwhile.

Freedom is possible. Do the work.

That is all.

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